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IT Support

Just one of the many services we offer to our small business clients. This is always a fun part of our work as we encounter many (usually) strange and often abnormal issues from keyboards without batteries to complex DNS resolution errors. We haven't seen it all yet but when we have we'll let you know!

WiFi Planning and Install

Ever heard of Ubiquiti? Well we have, and we know how to use it.

Phishing Awareness Training

Can your staff be a bit '...slow'? Well we can bring them up to speed on their knowledge and understanding of spotting fraud, phishing and other malicious content which may find its way to their inbox.

Vulnerability Assessments

What do you dream about? Well, quite often our dreams are filled with new and exciting ideas of how to get into your system. To stop a bad guy you need to know how the bad guy thinks. Let us take care of the dreaming so we can help prevent a nightmare for you.