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IT Support

Just one of the many services we offer to our small business clients. This is always a fun part of our work as we encounter many (usually) strange and often abnormal issues from keyboards without batteries to complex DNS resolution errors. We haven't seen it all yet but when we have we'll let you know!

Web Advertising

Advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web, e-mail and print to deliver your product/brand to as many customers both present and future. (Think Adwords to brochure design!)

Virus Removal

With smart-viri and malware on the rise, we can rid most machines from all virus' or for the extreme cases we will try to recover as much of your precious data as possible, and then rebuild your system for you.

Custom PC's

From Intel to AMD - Windows to Hackintosh - Air to Water-cooled - Silent to Performance - NREN can build you your ideal spec PC for any budget, £250 - £2500, and usually at a much cheaper price than an off-the-shelf lesser spec'd machine.